aaah that’s so gross. people aren’t even aLLOWEd to smoke in Dan’s apartments but we smell cigarettes and weed all the time from the folks below us. It’s the worst in his bedroom. x.x
gross, that’s awful, I’m sorry :(

your job sounds so cool though, like I wanna dictate what kids learn!!!

Thank you!! I love my job. I just really don’t want to screw these kids up. o.O

You’ll do great! Your boss obviously has faith in you, and so do I.

Aaah that book kinda creeped me out I should read the sequel.

I just started today! Jay just finished it, so we’re waiting until I do before we get the sequel. It’s really good so far! I’m a little nervous about getting scared later, though… >.>

leolilac replied to your post “mordanes replied to your post:The boy bagging our groceries was…”

omfg the thrilling sequel. there are worse things to be known as I guess haha


Oh no you guys got together on VALENTINE’S DAY? Ugh that’s so cute uuuugh

To make it even more of a cavity-causer, I asked Jay at midnight on Valentine’s Day because his birthday is on the 15th, so it was a Valentine’s/Birthday present! ^_^



leolilac I am “@”-ing you to show you!! ^_^

Ah, thank you! It appears to give me a little note on my dash, just like when someone ‘likes’ my post. Which is a little useless if I’m already following you, but I guess could be useful for the more internet famous among us.

You’re welcome! I didn’t know what it would do either. Iiiiinteresting.

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I don’t think I’ve ever read any of your creative writing, but I’ve always admired your phrasing in general like when you’re explaining things to people. :3
You’re so nice!

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Awh. When I got mine dilated I was like “oh that’s not so bad” and then I walked out into the parking lot to find my mom’s car and I was like “AUGH HISSSSSS” and I got lost and disoriented and couldn’t find my mom because I couldn’t see.
Awww, Leo!! I completely understand that. That’s what happens.
Can you put a sign on the outside of your cubicle asking people to gently announce their presence before they come in?
Sadly, I don’t think it would work since the person next to me has already done that (she even has a little rolly barrier thing in front of her cube), and the people literally pushed it aside to look into her space. O.o
But I might try it if I hear them coming again, just because it can’t hurt. Thank you. <3 <3 <3

leolilac said: OH NO TOO CUTE

oblivion-with-bells said: OMG U GUISE! SHIPPING CADEN 5EVA

allerasphinx said: i ship it more than ichabbie